About Mo & his team

Mo's cooking is inspired by his upbringing in the spectacular, fertile mountain town of Ain al-Fijah in Syria. He has memories of every fresh vegetable, fruit and herb you could imagine growing on his doorstep. Animals and chickens were kept. People would come together to cook, share and enjoy food.


Mo cooks to make people happy. Simple.


Since arriving in the UK, he has been wowing his British friends and customers - and expanding their waistlines -  with incredible feasts of explosive flavours and colours.

Mo's signature dish, "Jungle Eggs" was born in the Jungle refugee camp in Calais in 2016. Mo cooked them with love for all his friends in the camp - refugees and volunteers from all over the world. 


"I just had a small gas cooking stove and one large pan. We could only cook with ingredients donated to us by charities. Making delicious food and sharing this, eating from one pan altogether, was my way of giving back the love I was shown during this difficult time of my life. Come to my next brunch to share this special feeling in the same way and if you're lucky, maybe you'll fall in love over a hot pan of delicious eggs!"

And now, that same group of friends who met around a table of Mo's food, sharing his daily meals in Calais, are working together to spread the deliciousness.

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What are people saying?

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Eating Mo's Jungle Eggs in Calais refugee camp


Charlotte Maxwell

"Try Mohammed’s eggs! His creativity and flair are incomparable, his eggs are delicious and you will leave wishing you had space in your stomach for more of his food. Mohammed is very professional and also a joy to be around, bringing his personality to his delicious cuisine!"


Charlie Fraser

“Mo brings eggs into the 21st century, bringing a flavour and excitement to his dishes that leave traditional variations scrambling for an answer.”

Lucy Yates


“Mo's food is famous among all who have been lucky enough to try it!  So tasty you just want more and more.  He takes the love he has for cooking and produces the most incredibly delicious tastes.  Accompanied by his wonderful, welcoming personality the whole experience is one you will treasure forever!”